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Domestic Departure Services

Departure Services




Our departure services will ensure that your employees are ready for the journey ahead. Our program will reduce costs and improve your employees' overall experience.



Home Sale Services

There may be significant tax savings available to your entire organization through our home sale programs. Used independently or in conjunction with our Competitive Market Counseling, Home Sale Options are an important addition to your relocation policy. You may elect to use one or all options depending on whether you have a single or multi-tiered program. Relocation America International offers three Home Sale options: Appraised Value, Amended Value and Buyer Value Option. Each option impacts your employee's involvement in the relocation process, speed in reporting to their new assignment and your bottom line.

Home Marketing Assistance

When a relocating homeowner is prepared to sell their home, your employees are offered a choice of two recommended Realtors® through our Broker network. Every Realtor® assigned to your employee has gone through an extensive relocation training process with a proven record of success. This Home Marketing Assistance service helps to reduce the likelihood that your company will be left buying a home and paying the cost of holding it in inventory. Many corporate relocation policies work hand in hand with an employer's U.S. domestic homesale programs. The goal of offering home marketing assistance is to help reduce the number of properties that transition into inventory and to enable a transferring employee the opportunity to price their home competitively and receive the best possible offer.

Household Goods Management

Whether you wish to develop or update your Household Goods Policy or move your employees, Relocation America International's Move Management Program is unsurpassed in the industry. We manage all aspects of the shipment of household goods for your employees. We select the best carriers, coordinate and manage the moves, pre-audit the invoices, provide insurance, and resolve any follow-up issues. All of our national carriers provide a standardized program under our move management umbrella.

Property Management/Home Watch

Our Property Management program includes an "Absentee & Vacant Home Watch” through a preferred partner. Transferring homeowners will have peace-of-mind during extended stays away from home. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients and employees who choose to rent their homes when accepting a rotational assignment.



International Departure Services


Relocation America International has established a network of the highest quality service partners that provide services around the world. Whether you are moving an employee to another country, empowering assignees with cultural knowledge or returning assignees to their home country, Relocation America International streamlines the transition to increase performance in a shorter period of time. We offer a full range of global services and have the people, providers and systems in place to deliver world-class service when and where you need it.




Assignment Services

To ensure our ability to deliver comprehensive, world-class service, we take the time to fully understand the scope of work for each client and ensure that transferees will experience the best service practices. Our team will work with you to ensure that your goals and objectives are met. We'll guide you through a thorough implementation process, and administer your policy with mutually agreed upon goals and objectives in mind. From Global Policy Counseling to Language and Cross Cultural Training to Family Assistance, your transferees will feel the commitment and dedication we have to make your mobility program a success.





Repatriation Services

Successful repatriation is integral to a corporation's success in the global community. Prior to the move, Relocation America International assists the corporate client, assignee and family by setting clear expectations, discussing potential changes that will occur at home while the family is on assignment and helping in the re-adjustment to reverse culture-shock upon return.






Intercultural Training

A successful global relocation results, in part, from proactive preparation for the assignment. This involves the assignee and family capturing an understanding of the culture in which they will be living while on assignment. Relocation America International will provide the partners necessary to facilitate the cultural orientation that best suits the assignee and family needs. Cultural orientation programs include detailed destination information, international business skills, cultural awareness and cultural adjustment.






Language Training

Language training is a vital function enabling a family to communicate and perform everyday tasks in a foreign country. Relocation America International offers many language program options to clients so they can select the ideal language training programs for the assignee and family. These language tools help assignees assimilate in the new location quickly.







Property Management

For transferees on international assignment who choose to maintain ownership of their primary residence in the home country, Relocation America International offers property management services through a national partner.







Temporary Living

Depending on the assignment length and the relocation logistics, the transferee and family may require temporary living arrangements until they can find a permanent living accommodation. Relocation America International coordinates temporary living arrangements of any length for the transferee and family.