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Domestic Destination Services

Destination Services

The key to a successful relocation program is to determine the needs of the employee and handle the details of their move throughout the relocation process.

Home Finding Services

We assign your transferring employee to a network broker with relocation certified agents who match their lifestyle and needs to the appropriate new community. Whether they are buying or renting a home,the transferring employee receives professional counseling, an area tour, and customized resource materials highlighting all pertinent community information.


Home Purchase Assistance

Advance coordination plus objective information reduces the time it takes to buy a home, thus saving you money on travel expenses, temporary housing, hotel and car rentals. Furthermore, a "smart" buyer today means a more expedient sale, should they move in the future.


Rental Assistance

Whether you wish to develop or update your Household Goods Policy or move your employees, Relocation America International's Move Management Program is unsurpassed in the industry. We have selected the most respected, highest rated companies in the moving industry. All of our national carriers provide a standardized program under our move management umbrella.

Reloocation America International manages all aspects of the shipment of household goods for your employees. We select the best carriers, coordinate and manage the moves, pre-audit the invoices, provide insurance, and resolve any follow-up issues. Our relationships with industry-leading providers offer you both cost leverage and world-class service for you and your transferring employees.


Temporary Housing Assistance

Our Property Management Program includes an Absentee & Vacant Home Watch” through a preferred partner. Transferees /homeowners will have peace-of-mind during extended stays away or from home or corporate relocations. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients and employees who choose to rent their homes when accepting a rotational assignment.



Our interim housing is available as a result of our alliance with national and regional organizations. This service offers furnished rental units in more than 400 cities across the United States. Your employee will enjoy the conveniences and amenities of hotel living at a fraction of the cost. Most important, they will feel right at home.


Partner Career Assistance

Providing assistance for your employee's trailing partner increases the likelihood of the move being accepted and running smoothly. Our alliance with national and regional companies will ensure that your employee or candidate will receive the best services available through our Employment Assistance Program. We will support and follow-up with the candidate until the search has been completed.


Mortgage Services

Through national and regional affiliations, our mortgage service will save your employee time, money and confusion. Your employee can be pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan before their first house-hunting trip. This will enable them to shop within their price range and save time customarily used in filling out loan applications in the local market.


International Destination Services

Paying attention to details and establishing resources that assist in the host country will support a smooth transition and provide a benefit to both the employee and the employer sponsoring the move.

Settling In Services

Cultural and Language Training

When moving abroad, there are countless tasks that need to be completed in order for asignees to integrate into their new environment. Relocation America International can help assignees settle in by helping with the critical steps necessary to feel at home, including registration with local consulate and government, utilities setup, bank account set up, drivers license and more.

Cultural and language training is extremely important when communicating in your new country, whether in business or everyday situations. Relocation America International's program includes training prior to departure or within the host country through partners in our supply chain. Customers have access to repatriation and will learn business terminology and daily living practices through an online resource that provides essential country information and cultural insights.

The scope of our homeowner and rental assistance is similar. If your employee prefers to rent an apartment or house, we will research rental properties to find the right place, at the right price.


Partner and Spousal Support

School Assistance

We are sensitive to families that are transitioning to a new country and their needs are an important part of the relocation process. Through partner and spouse support programs, we offer family transition advocates, career goals and continuation support, resume development, interview coaching and counseling with charitable organizations. Providing this ongoing support is vital to our client's mobile workforce.

Selecting the right school in a new destination can be overwhelming. When parents and children are at ease with their school options, it will reduce their stress level allowing them to manage other details associated with their move. Relocation America International makes the process easier by providing an overview of school and childcare options and using their suppliers to accompany asignees on school tours and appointments with school administrators.

Logistics and Counseling Support

Expatriate Program

This program is designed to ease incoming foreign nationals into their new culture, community and home. Our representatives guide your assignees through the relocation process from start to finish.

Through our overseas alliances, we reach into Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We provide cultural awareness and local orientation, translation services education options and selection of residential areas for home finding needs.