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Relocation Management Services

Management Services

Our dedicated Global Mobility Consultants are accountable for your service experience, cost performance, and for assembling the appropriate resources for your program.

Policy Consulting

The first step in formulating or fine-tuning your relocation policy is for us to understand your corporate philosophy along with the purpose and objectives of your relocation program. We review your existing policy, make recommendations, write your relocation policy and assist in policy implementation.


Expense Management

The accurate management of relocation expenses and tax reporting is a critical element to any relocation program. We structure our relocation expense management service to make a potentially complicated and time consuming process of managing expenses simple for our clients. Access to our database provides our clients with an immediate status of each employee's move to make the overall process transparent.


Group Move Management

Whether you wish to develop or update your Household Goods Policy or move your employees, Relocation America International's Move Management Program is unsurpassed in the industry. We have selected the most respected, highest rated companies in the moving industry. All of our national carriers provide a standardized program under our move management umbrella.

Reloocation America International manages all aspects of the shipment of household goods for your employees. We select the best carriers, coordinate and manage the moves, pre-audit the invoices, provide insurance, and resolve any follow-up issues. Our relationships with industry-leading providers offer you both cost leverage and world-class service for you and your transferring employees.


Contact Management System

Our Property Management Program includes an Absentee & Vacant Home Watch” through a preferred partner. Transferees /homeowners will have peace-of-mind during extended stays away or from home or corporate relocations. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients and employees who choose to rent their homes when accepting a rotational assignment.



Relocation America International's online business intelligence solution 'Recap' provides a total relocation tracking system. This customized business tool helps our clients initiate their transferees through an on-line web portal,track their progress and print a series of reports. These total processing systems, which are named 'Recapology', encompass the total combined benefits of Recap's platform and technology enhancements.


Gross-Up Support

Gross-up is the action of calculating and offsetting the tax burden associated with the reimbursed expenses that are deemed taxable by the IRS. The IRS treats the reimbursement as ordinary income, taxing it at the rate dictated by the assignees tax bracket; however, only the cost of transporting the family and its household goods to the new location is exempt from being taxed(See ruling 72-339).


Reporting relocation expenses is a complex issue for human resource professionals and that's why many companies look to their relocation service provider to track and process calculations for gross-up.



Expense Tracking

An additional feature of our Information System whereby Relocation America International will post, track and report all expenses for each relocation service for each individual transferee. The tracking and resultant reports will be in a format customized to our client's specifications.


Cost Analysis Benefit

Total Program Review

We are sensitive to the needs of our clients in this economic environment and set high standards to raise the bar to meet and exceed your expectations. We want our clients to achieve maximum cost containment with their mobile workforce and have developed a benefit program that considers cost containment measures today and into the future.

A semi-annual review of your program allows us to recommend suggestions that identify opportunities and efficiencies that can improve your global mobility policies and save costs. Many companies do not know their actual relocation costs and to assure that the company is well informed we want to account for all costs associated with relocating an employee for completeness and cost effectiveness.

We will provide you with counsel as you formulate your group move plans. The implementation of your plan is well within our capabilities. From group presentations to individual counseling,our goal is to ensure that your employees experience a smooth transition.


Settling In Services

Vendor Management

When moving abroad, there are countless tasks that need to be completed in order for assignees to integrate into their new environment. Relocation America International can help customers settle in by helping with the critical steps necessary to feel at home, including, registration with the local consulate and government, utilities setup, bank account set up, driver's license and more.

A relocation program consists of many components, including various vendors and service providers. We can manage your existing vendors or choose them for you. We carefully select both the top domestic and global suppliers with the exact capabilities you require. In addition, we can evaluate and provide reviews of your vendors. Frequently, you will notice cost savings as we implement audits and quality control criteria with vendors. Additionally, volume discounts are passed along to you.