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Relocating Employees Say


"My Global Mobility Consultant was wonderful and very helpful."

Mark - Relocating Employee – Monroe, MI


"My Global Mobility Consultant provided the best service that my family and I could think of during our relocation. We always felt that we are ‘in good hands’ and help is always a call away. Very professional, courteous yet clear and prompt."

Hasib – Relocating Employee – Dubuque, IA


"My Global Mobility Consultant returned all my calls the same day and helped take care of a situation where an item did not make it with my household goods. My Global Mobility Consultant is awesome."

Hiawatha – Relocating Employee – Antioch, TN


"I have to acknowledge the outstanding services provided by Relocation America. I emphasize the excellent coordination and especially the professionalism of my Global Mobility Consultant"

Cristian – Relocating Employee – West Bloomfield, MI


"My Global Mobility Consultant did a wonderful job for us. She made an otherwise stressful situation quite manageable."

Paul – Relocating Employee – Lake View, AL


"Everyone at Relocation America has been incredibly responsive, prompt, professional, helpful patient and just plain completely wonderful! I feel like I could be a poster child for Relocation America!"-

Marie - Client Contact


"Patrick was very helpful during the experience. I relied on him for a number of questions related to my relocation. He understood my agreement and bridged the gap between me and my firm on many occasions. Timeliness was a strength." -

Kevin - Relocating Employee


"Right from my initial talk to the purchase of our new home, Relocation America International was very quick, understanding, and coordinated at each step. I recommend them for being professional. I am really happy with the services that were provided." -

Suman - Relocating Employee